Day 178

New love

Bad is happening lately ...

* * * 

Źle się dzieje ostatnio...

From 1st July Google removes his Google Reader. To keep up with my blog I encourage everyone to click on the header of the first icon on the left (down). It will take you back to the profile of my blog to Bloglovin.
If you don't have an account there I would advise you, to set up it, as from 1st July, you will lose all the blogs that you are watching. Bloglovin is easy to use and very easy to import your list of watched blogs.

4 komentarze:

  1. Fajna musi być ta szczotka, chyba też ją wypróbuję.

  2. Hmhm....może jednak zainwestuje...na razie cena mnie odstraszała

    1. Mnie też, ale kupiłam i przekonałam się, że warto ;)