Week 52

Christmas time

It's time for small summary of my 52 Lucky Photo Weeks :)

* The total number of views: 3 707  (from last year)
The most views my blog noted in January 2014: 668 views
Frequently displayed post: Week 10 of 9th March 2014
You hit mostly on my blog after the words: "365-lucky-photo-days.blogspot.com" (83), "mediolan pogoda" (46), "365-lucky-photo-days.blogspot.ru" (35), "cs butelka" (12), "365 lucky days blogspot fotografka" (2), "365 lucky photo days blog (1), "photo" (1)
*The most recipients have: the Polish (9477), the USA (2520) and Russia (1586). On the following places are: Germany (848), Ukraine (356), Romania (259), United Kingdom (248), France (100), Serbia (66) and Bulgaria (49).
The most visited me Chrome users (50%) and least likely to Konqueror users (<1%)
The most visited me Windows users (81%) and least likely to Linux users (<1%)

I want wish you all Happy New Year. 

From new year I'll continue  52 Lucky Photo Weeks. 
Photos will be post on this blog. I hope that you stay with me :)
See you on Sunday :)


Week 26

Turdus merula

These are the last photos taken with my Nikon D5000. Tomorrow (the latest the day after tomorrow) I buy new camera - Nikon D7100. 
I'm so happy, but when I think about my old camera (D5000) I feel strange - sad, touched and...it's so hard to explain it. I'm really attached to him. I had him for 4 years and now I exchange him to better model. 


Week 19

Catch in flight

Last Sunday I got from my parents for early birthday present (birthday I have 7 June) the new lens. I've always wanted to photograph birds, moon, and many other things, but I was limited by my standard lens (18-105 mm). Parents bought me a Tamron 70-300 mm with Ultrasonic Silent Drive. At the moment I can't say too much about it, because unfortunately I completely don't have time to take photos (I have a mass of learning), but a few photos I've done it and so far I'm happy. Photos that you see (to the last photo of the Moon - lilac and flowers are made ​​in my fixed lens 50 mm) are made of a new lens. I hope that the holiday I could fully test the new lens. Now also I will try, but it all depends on the amount of free time that I will have (or rather I have it very little).


Week 8


Watch in HD :)
If you set the speakers on a sufficient volume you hear a crunching :) ♥

I know that is not a photo, but I think I did something different from what I did until now. I need this :)